You control most of the actions of your empire from the main control menu. This menu has 4 different tabs, which each have different functionalities. It is also where you can upgrade your motherships and build ships, manage your planets, and manage your governors and fleets.


There are four different tabs to the menu. These are:

  1. Adventure: You can play through the main story line from this tab.
  2. Mothership: You manage your mothership from this tab, and can upgrade modules of your mothership to increase its effectiveness in constructing ships, goods, and researching new technologies by building and upgrading modules.
  3. Defense: You can manage your governors, taxes, resources and terraform your planet(s); take place in Star Gate to the Ancient Battleground battles, and manage defensive turrets from this tab.
  4. Galaxy Map: You can look at an overview of the galaxy, with information on territory control, alliances, and planets; you can manage governors and planets; send probes and fleets to raid other planets, and send motherships to take over other planets.

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