For each 30 planets an alliance has they can take 1 fortress.

The chief of Staff must set a rally point at the fortress.

A single player is able to take a fortress if they have the right mix of skills and ships. However, in most circumstances it will take 5 players.

To be able to take a fortress there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. Below are the statistics I took to battle and beat one fleet. In most cases you will need to match or better what is below to ensure success.

Defending fleets There are 5 fleets protecting the fortress. They consist of; 8 x 125 Wind Fighters 4 x 200 Tempest 2 x 300 Battle Cruisers 1 x 500 Dreadnoughts

Commander Your commanders skills and statistics are important. The recommended requirements are; Control Skill - specialisation (cost 50 diamonds) Level 56 - combined with leaderships statistics - you will need to be able to take a fleet of approximately 39,000 tonns. Elixir - Battle & Guardian Elixir (10 diamonds each) double your Military & Armour statistics for 10 hours. Military Skill 430 to 450 Leadership Skill 262 or higher.

Tech. Light weapon - 15 Small weapon - 10 Light Armour - 15 Small Armour - 10

Attacking Fleet 3 x 250 Wind Fighters 3 x 125 Eagle 8 x 40 Raptors

DO NOT Take a Flagship You will lose it.

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(Info not confirmed- 8/6/13)