The Galaxy Map is an overview map of the entire galaxy of your server. It shows planets (other players' homeworlds are hidden), central space cities, and your planet. Your planet is shown as a large white star when the camera is zoomed out to show a quarter or more of the galaxy.

An overview of the entire galaxy.


The Galaxy Map may be accesed by clicking the "Galaxy Map" button on the top right of the screen (it looks like a purple circle with a constellation in it). The galaxy map can be used to send fleets to interact with other planets (explore, raid, seize, reinforce, etc), engage in Alliance warfare (fortresses), and view the star system.

Exploration Edit

Exploring planets gets you a little further towards the Legendary Quest of exploring them all. It also gives you (for newly explored planets) a piece of Galactic History. However you get a little metal, crystal or fuel and fulfill the daily quest, even if you "explore" the exact same planet repeatedly. The amount of resources is proportional to how far away the explored planet is and is about 10 units per 3 minutes travel time to the planet, or 200 per hour. 10% of the time you get all three resources, otherwise it's equal chance of each resource. Exploration works the same regardless of the fleet sent so only send a single Wind fighter for a cost in fuel of 20.