Star Gate to the Ancient BattlegroundEdit

The Star Gate to the Ancient Batteground is an activity that you can take place in from the Defense tab of the menu. It is a combat activity where you choose from different ranks of battles, each with different levels within them determining the difficulty of the battle. Below is a table of the amount of enemies in each level ( info from S16 - Pavo, S15 - Lupus, S14 - Draco after 2013-01-10 patch).

Early Tactics Edit

You can create a force capable of eliminating level 1 or 2 without casualties, consisting of just a basic flagship (with repair upgrade) and a single wind fighter. You will need a raw midshipman promoted once to sub-lieutenant to take a flagship. This fight takes a long time to end (use the big blue X in the lower left of screen to skip ahead). This is probably the lowest use of fuel per combat (but experiment because early on you'll have plenty of fuel). The cooldown time per combat increases over the day (starting at 6 minutes, 6, 6, 9, 9, etc).

Rewards Edit

At level 1-5 you get an extra reward (of Kit 1) at a rate of what seems to be 10% per level of the fight. eg 20% at level 2, 50% at level 5. If you have spare equipment from the kits they can be sold (under the assets menu / commander tab / recycle button) for 800 of metal or crystal (40% chance each) or 200 Nova coins (20%).

At level 6-10 you can gain a Lion flagship blueprint. You need one per Lion you build.

At level 11-15 you have a chance of tech scroll 1 which can be used to create Core Tech which is needed to expand to more planets.

Multiple Forces Edit

From level 6 the Ancient Battle Ground forces are divided between multiple fleets. You can field several fleets too although based on the random starting positions, one of your fleets may end up fighting several enemy forces or vice versa.

Enemy Force TableEdit

Note these forces seem to be out of date beyond level 5. The battle simulator's data seems better. Raptors were reduced and Vulcans increased. Note that force 1 is raptors and vulcans, force 2 is eagles and tempests.

LVL Fighter (Fleets x types stacks x units) Frigate (Fleets x types stacks x units) Cruiser (Fleets x types stacks x units) Battleship (Fleets x types stacks x units)
1 1xWind Fighter 2x8
2 1xEagle 2x16
3 1xEagle 2x25
4 1xEagle 2x33
5 1xEagle 2x42
6 1xEagle 2x40

1xRaptor 2x29

1xTempest 2x4

1xVulcan 2x5

7 1xEagle 2x45

1xRaptor 2x29

1xTempest 2x5

1xVulcan 2x6

8 1xEagle 2x51

1xRaptor 2x32

1xTempest 2x6

1xVulcan 2x7

9 1xEagle 2x57

1xRaptor 2x36

1xTempest 2x7

1xVulcan 2x8

10 1xEagle 2x62

1xRaptor 2x40

1xTempest 2x8

1xVulcan 2x9

11 1xWind Fighter 2x118

1xRaptor 2x50

1xTempest 2x8

1xVulcan 2x10

12 1xWind Fighter 2x139

1xRaptor 2x58

1xTempest 2x9

1xVulcan 2x12

13 1xWind Fighter 2x160

1xRaptor 2x65

1xTempest 2x10

1xVulcan 2x14

14 1xWind Fighter 2x181

1xRaptor 2x55

1xTempest 2x11

1xVulcan 2x23