Wormhole shows up almost every hour in your system. With wormhole you gain some materials for your flagship which is nice not to mention Wormhole attacking also finishes your daily mission.To finish this daily you must attack wormhole 5 times.

Hourly Edit

If it's been an hour since the last wormhole you might have to refresh the page to see it. In IE hit F5, in Firefox and Chrome reload the page. Note: refreshing or reloading the page will re-set your daily quests and daily rewards if the server start of day (midnight) has happened since you've had that page running. Don't refresh if you are trying to finish off yesterdays dailies, or are trying to get the final reward of 3 bonus diamonds.

Early Tactics Edit

Unlike the Ancient battlegrounds, you get a detailed round by round combat report of how a fight vs the pirates goes so you can use that to get a good feel for how combat works. Try different combinations. You should be able to kill off all the pirates with one or two Hammer cruisers (depending on tech and leadership) without having to repair anything. This fight takes a long time so you can hit the big blue X in the lower left of screen to skip to the end. There are three possible scenarios for the wormhole : fight pirates (reward of 1000 crystal and experience), explore a ship (reward 1000 metal and a medal) and explore alien ship (reward 1x radioactive element, 1x repulsive crystal).

Home Star System wormholeEdit

fleets Wind fighter(Stack X Units) Vulcan Frigate(Stack X Units)
1 5x1 2x1

Any level 10+ flagship can take out the wormholes with eas